Does the Primo Dream Contour pillow need a special case?

Answer The Primo Contour Memory pillow is available in two sizes and comes equipped with a contoured zippered pillowcase for easy cleaning. The thick case is designed to provide soft cushioning and to kee... Read More »

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Do you put the pillow under your chin when you're putting the pillow case on?

No, I put the pillows on my knees, extend the opening of the case and slide it over them. The pillows that is, not my knees.

What is a contour pillow?

Contour pillows come in various types to support a specific part of the body. Those suffering from back pain and sleep disorders use contour pillows to get a restful night of sleep.The FactsThe typ... Read More »

How to Make a Scented Dream Pillow?

DreampillowWith this dream pillow you're going to be able to sleep like a baby, and its easy to make.

When buying a contour foam pillow, how do you know which is a good one?

Look for one that makes you really comfortable. Look for the one that you want to look forward to laying down on when you lie down on it.