Does the President have the right to declare war?

Answer Congress passed the War Powers Act in 1973 when President Lyndon Johnson went into the Vietnam War without Congressional approval. This act gives the President 90 days to get Congressional approval... Read More »

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Do you think the president should have the right to shut down the internet?

He is not talking about shutting down the entire Internet, he is talking about shutting down critical infrastructure, mostly linked to power, finances, medical, and transportation in the event of a... Read More »

If Sally sold seashells by the seashore does she have to declare them as income on her taxes?

She could just play dumb and clam up. But then again it is a real beach trying to beat the IRS.

If you do not declare endorsements on your UK license does this invalidate your insurance if you have an accident?

Contact the party that issued the insurance policy for this answer.

Do you have to declare bankruptcy if you foreclose?

You are not required to file bankruptcy if the lender forecloses on your house. However, attorney Ronald Anthony Sarno recommends filing bankruptcy to protect your other assets from being seized i... Read More »