Does the Paschal candle get lit for funerals during Lent?

Answer On One Hand: The Candle May Be LitThe Paschal candle may be lit for funerals during Lent or any other time during the year, according to Fr. Edward McNamara of Regina Apostolorum in Rome. The light... Read More »

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What is a paschal candle and when is it lit?

A paschal candle is a large, tall candle used in various Masses and ceremonies of the Catholic Church. A new one is blessed every year at the Mass of the Easter Vigil, celebrated the night before E... Read More »

What is the origin of the Paschal candle?

Athough the origin of the Paschal candle is unclear, it most likely derives from the Lucernarium, an evening ritual candle-lighting begun by the early Christians as a vigil prior to each Sunday, pa... Read More »

The Significance of Paschal Candle?

The paschal candle is a large column of wax fixed on a special candlestick, lighted during Easter Vigil, the church service on Holy Saturday. Easter celebrations and paschal candles may vary in dif... Read More »

Where is the paschal candle in church?

In the Catholic Church, the paschal candle is kept on the altar on the side where the gospel is also placed, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia. The candle is brought into the sanctuary on Holy... Read More »