Does the PS2 Slim require a network adapter?

Answer The Sony PlayStation2 Slim is a home-entertainment system designed to update the original PlayStation2. One of the updates, according to, was in the inclusion of an on-board network... Read More »

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Do all motherboards require an adapter card?

The motherboard of any computer requires an adapter card. The motherboard controls everything on a computer, including graphic cards, sound cards, etc. An adapter card would not work if it was not ... Read More »

How to Reset the Network Adapter Wireless Network Connection?

Your wireless network adapter can either attach to your computer or it can be your router which sends a signal that connects your computer to the Internet. If you experience no Internet connection ... Read More »

How to Set up a Home Network With a Wireless Network Adapter?

Many modern computers come with wireless network features already, but older computers use a wireless network adapter in order to receive a wireless signal. Wireless network adapters can be a USB a... Read More »

If I use a 12v 6a dc power adapter with 600(/10metres)5050 RGB LED's that require 144w what will happen?

It depends on the power supply but one of three things will happen as it tries to draw more current than it is designed for.It may trip out an over current device, if it has one. Or it may get hot ... Read More »