Does the Motorola Signal Booster 4-port BDA-S4 work with over-the-air TV?

Answer The Motorola Signal Booster 4-port BDA-S4 connects to any incoming cable or antenna in your home. It can boost the signal from over-the-air HDTV, but only if the original signal is of sufficient qu... Read More »

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Why does my microphone port work as headphone port?

I have done this many times myself when i was younger and recording videos for Youtube, my conclusion is that these two ports are identical in every way except for the colours(or icons) around them... Read More »

How many pins does the IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port on the Motorola DCT-6416-III have?

According to the diagrams provided in the manual for Motorola's DCT6400 line of HD receivers, the Motorola DCT 6416 III uses a nine-pin 1394 FireWire cable. These cables are also commonly referred ... Read More »

How to Build a Wi-Fi Signal Booster?

The antenna of a device accessing the Internet is responsible for gathering in the signal from the Wi-Fi transmitter. You can build a Wi-Fi signal booster that will aid the antenna, regardless of w... Read More »

How Does a Booster Cable Work?

Words with multiple meanings use context clues within sentences to reveal the correct meaning. Younger students often rely on pictures to figure out the correct word meaning. In third and fourth gr... Read More »