Does the Miracle Slim Wrapâ„¢ clinically work?

Answer On One Hand: Clinical EffectIt seems too good to be true, but the spa-style, home-use Miracle Slim Wrapâ„¢ actually works. It is intended to improve skin tone, refresh and rejuvenate the body and g... Read More »

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Do dr. miracle's hair products work?

On One Hand: Dr. Miracle Helps with Hair BreakageDr. Miracle products, like the Intensive Spot Serum, are used to keep the hair from breaking and to strengthen the hair shaft. The products are idea... Read More »

Does Miracle Growth Arginine work?

On One Hand: Arginine and Growth HormoneAccording to a 1988 article published in the "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism," arginine may enhance the effects of GHRH, a hormone that sti... Read More »

Will a serial cable work with the miracle piano?

The Antex AWM E101344 Style 2464 VW-1 serial cable or "Miracle cable" works with the Miracle Piano. Because the serial port and cable have a proprietary design, other serial cable brands typically ... Read More »

How Does a Slim Jim Work?

Almond eyes, which are primarily Asian, are shaped differently from Caucasian or African-American eyes. Eyeshadow must be applied according to eye shape and contours. The Asian, almond-shaped eye p... Read More »