Does the Master Chief die in Halo 3?

Answer The Master Chief does not die in Halo 3. While his comrades hold a memorial service--they believe him to have perished while his ship passed through an intergalactic portal--a special cutscene reve... Read More »

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Where does master chief go in halo 3?

Master chief is left in the half o the ship that broke apart in the end. If you beat it on legendary you get to see a cutscene of him stepping into a cryogenic tube to freeze himself (like the one ... Read More »

Who plays Master Chief in Halo?

Master Chief, the main character in the Halo series of Xbox games, is voiced by Steve Downes. Downes is a morning DJ for radio station 97.1 WDRV "The Drive" based in Chicago.References:IMDB: Steve ... Read More »

Is there a halo master chief costume?

There are Halo Master Chief costumes available for purchase. Bungie Studios, the gaming company that created Halo, offers a licensed costume for about $600. This costume comes with a jumpsuit, gaun... Read More »

Who will win master chief vs halo reach?

master chief. the whole noble team died in the end of reach. master chief hasn't died in any of the halo games yet. he has much better training than them too