Does the Loud'N Clear Hearing Device Work?

Answer On One Hand: Amplifies SoundThe Loud 'N Clear hearing device uses a small device placed over the ear to amplify sound. The device makes all sounds louder and easier to hear, and is advertised as a ... Read More »

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How does the human ear work in hearing?

The three parts of the human ear work together in hearing: the outer, middle, and inner ear. Your ears process sound waves, but your brain interprets the signals to determine what you hear.Outer Ea... Read More »

How does a hearing aid work in children?

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, babies as young as 4 weeks can be fitted with a hearing aid or other assistive device. Laws such as the Individuals with Disabilities ... Read More »

Does the Zeno device work?

On One Hand: The Zeno Has Some Good ReviewsThe Zeno device is a battery-operated gadget with a tip that heats to 48 degrees centigrade (about 110 degrees Fahrenheit). When touched to a problem area... Read More »

Does Zeta Clear work?

On One Hand: Zeta Clear Fights FungusZeta Clear is a product that helps fight fungal infection in nails. It's made up of natural oils that will penetrate to the nail bed, spur your body's natural i... Read More »