Does the Leapster play DS games?

Answer The Leapster does not have the capability of playing Nintendo DS games. While there are benefits to each gaming system, the Leapster tends to have more educational games and the DS has games more s... Read More »

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Can leapster l-max games play on a regular leapster?

Leapster L-Max games can be played on a regular Leapster device. The only operative difference between the original Leapster and the L-Max is the L-Max's TV connection feature, which gives the user... Read More »

Do Leapster L-Max games play on a regular Leapster?

Yes, Leapster L-Max games play on a regular Leapster and vice versa. All Leapster games are the creation of Leapfrog, who does not employ third-party developers. Leapfrog educational toys are geare... Read More »

Can you play Leapster games on Wii?

The Nintendo Wii is incompatible with Leapster games. Leapster games are in a cartridge format designed for Leapster handheld consoles, while the Nintendo Wii uses a disc-based format. The only gam... Read More »

Can Leapster L-Max games be used with the Leapster?

Leapfrog Leapster L-Max games will not work in other Leapster game consols such as the Leapster 2 or the originial Leapster. However, any game cartridge will work with the Leapster L-Max.Source:PC ... Read More »