Does the LG Shine have a USB port?

Answer Yes. The LG Shine has a USB port, which allows you to connect the phone to your computer to transfer files both two and from the phone. The USB cable needed is unique to the phone and has one side ... Read More »

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How do you shine combat boots if the factory shine is still on?

A fresh combat boot from factory can be shine to a higher shine, but it'll be troublesome in the future, as the layer will get crack because the nourishing layers did not absorb into the boots. How... Read More »

I have an asus n56vm-tb71 laptop which has a VGA port and an HDMI port. Can I extend to two monitors?

Yes. All you need do is open your graphics properties and set up dual display mode.

How do i connect my laptop with VGA port to Samsung LCD with HDMI & AV Component port?

You will need to use a converter. VGA only carries an analog signal, and HDMI carries digital video and audio. It is not cheap, nor easy to convert from analog to digital. You can use a converter l... Read More »

Differences Between a Mazda Renesis 4-Port & 6-Port Engine?

The latest generation Mazda rotary engines are the RENESIS series. RENESIS engines have upgraded power and fuel efficiency, and come in a 4-port and 6-port model. There are important differences be... Read More »