Does the Ion TTUSB05XL USB turntable have an amplifier built in?

Answer The Ion TTUSB05XL USB turntable has a line output with its own preamp, meaning you can hook it up to home audio speakers, headphones or other devices without the need for an external amplifier.Sour... Read More »

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Does the ION TTUSB05XL USB turntable have a built in amplifier?

The ION TTUSB05XL USB turntable device has what is called a "preamplifier." The preamplifier is used to improve the quality of the sound and transmit that sound to an output device, such as headpho... Read More »

Does the ION TTUSB05XL USB turntable have a built-in amplifier?

The ION TTUSB05XL turntable features a built-in preamp. This allows for the turntable to output audio directly to a computer without passing through an external amplifier. The built-in preamp also ... Read More »

How do I connect a turntable and amplifier to my stereo?

You cant hook up a amplifier to this unit it has no preamplifier outputs. it doesn't have tape outputs ether and you couldn't use them anyway even if they did have them as they are a fixed output.... Read More »

I was wondering if i can plug anything other than a turntable into the PHONO jacks on my old amplifier?

Probably not 'cos they are configured to take the output from (usually ) a magnetic cartidge which only has a VERY low output. If you do plug in s'thing like a CD player the output is a lot greater... Read More »