Does the Gazelle exercise machine really work?

Answer On One Hand: An Unnatural MotionAccording to certified personal trainer Shelby Young, the Gazelle exercise machine does not allow the body its natural movements. "Though many feel the machine resem... Read More »

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Does the Gazelle really work?

On One Hand: The Gazelle WorksThe Gazelle elliptical trainer can help get your body in shape by burning extra calories. Users who followed the exercise guidelines along with the nutrition guideline... Read More »

Does the plank exercise really work as far as toning your abs?

Let me give you some food and mini work out tips you can start. I’m a Vegetarian and I’m super thin, and I always have a lot of protein, and I hate tofu loll ...and I have tons of snacks to cho... Read More »

Does the gazelle work?

On One Hand: Testimonials and ClaimsThe Gazelle comes in three varieties: Gazelle Edge, Gazelle Freestyle and the Gazelle Sprintmaster. Information on the Tony Little website claims that each Gazel... Read More »

Does work?

I've never used and don't know anyone who has.However, I know many people who have used and they love it. They have an online quote, so you can easily go on there and kn... Read More »