Does the G37 have the same engines as the Skylines?

Answer The G37 does use the same engine as the Japanese-market Skyline. Infiniti is Nissan's America-only luxury marque (it doesn't exist in Japan), so the Infiniti G37 is sold as a Nissan Skyline in Japa... Read More »

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Are all search engines pulling from the same database?

Each search engine forms its own view of the Internet by the use of "spiders," programs that follow the links between webpages. Different search engines thus have different databases, as can be see... Read More »

You have the same dad as your brother but not the same mum what does his brother make to you?

Are Nissan Skylines legal in the USA?

Nissan never produced a Skyline GT-R racing car that was legal for American roads as they did not comply with the United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Nissan produced three models ... Read More »

Is Kohler plumbing products the same company that makes Kohler small engines?

Kohler plumbing products and engines are produced by the same company. Kohler also produces furniture and manufactures tile and stone products. The Kohler Global Power Group manufactures and rents ... Read More »