Does the Flip Video Camcorder really work with a Mac?

Answer On One Hand: Mac CompatibilityThe line of Flip Video cameras--including the Slide, Mino and Ultra models--are designed to be used with Mac and PC computers. Each camera comes with a built-in USB co... Read More »

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How to Convert Video to Avi from Flip Video Camcorder?

The flip camcorder has some distinguishing features to differentiate the Utra and Mino from the traditional Flips. The simple to use portable camcorder enables you to shoot videos as easy as taking... Read More »

My Flip Video CamCorder will not turn on?

Why won't my flip video camcorder charge?

the computer must stay on if u put it in the computer. in sleep mode or any other way it will not charge if u let it charge for 2 and a half hours and unplug it than plug it back in the red l... Read More »

Does the Flip Ultra Video camcorder take pictures?

Yes, the Flip Ultra Video camcorder does take pictures. The Flip Ultra is a 4GB Transflective TFT (Thin Film Transistor) camcorder and it has the ability to snap still photos from video.References:... Read More »