Does the Federal Reserve bank control the interest rates?

Answer The Federal Reserve does not control all interest rates. The Federal Reserve only directly controls the federal fund rate. The Federal Reserve has no direct control over mortgage rates, corporate b... Read More »

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How Does the Federal Reserve Set Interest Rates?

The Federal Reserve Board (Fed) is the central banking authority in the United States. In existence since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed by Congress, the Federal Reserve was created as ... Read More »

When did the Federal Reserve cut prime interest rates?

The Federal Reserve does not have direct control over prime interest rates, which are set by banks. The Federal Reserve conducts open market operations to change the the federal funds rate. The Fe... Read More »

With interest rates up by Reserve Bank of India, will this affect your plans to buy a house?

Yes certainly.Only Middle Class society is most affected.From March 2010, till date 12 times RBI has increased interest rates for housing loan. It was around 8.75% in March 2010 and now it is aroun... Read More »

How Do Federal Reserve Policies Affect the Supply of Money and Interest Rates?

Money supply can be eased or tightened by the Federal Reserve Board (aka the "Fed") in response to economic conditions. This is done by adjusting interest rates, which make it easier or harder to b... Read More »