Does the Canon 30D have FAT32?

Answer FAT32 is the acronym for a File Allocation Table that uses 32 bits for each group of files and organizes files on storage systems, such as memory cards, in a way that enhances disk space. The Canon... Read More »

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Does anyone have a Canon EOS 300 manual in digital format for me to download I can only seem to find the Canon EOS 300D manual which is not what I need?

Why does FAT32 suck so much 4gb limit?

Most everyone HAS made it so that their OS is NTFS compatible. Windows, Mac and Linux all support the NTFS file system.The reason the PS3 only supports Fat32 is probably by design. They know full ... Read More »

Can I charge my canon powershot SD1100 IS on my computer or does it have to have the wall charger?

Your camera came with a NB-4L Li-ion battery and battery charger .. use it and it onlyIf you try charging your battery with any other charger, you risk overheating the battery, thus shortening the ... Read More »

Does NTFS take up more drive space than FAT32?

NTFS supports disk quotas, space management and file compression, which allows the user to control the amount of disk usage. It also provides less disk space waste in smaller sizes than FAT32. FAT3... Read More »