Does the Canon 30D have FAT32?

Answer FAT32 is the acronym for a File Allocation Table that uses 32 bits for each group of files and organizes files on storage systems, such as memory cards, in a way that enhances disk space. The Canon... Read More »

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How to Format FAT32?

FAT32 is a common file system format used on computers of all types. FAT32 has several benefits over other common file systems; it can be read and written to from nearly any operating system and it... Read More »

Fat32 to ntfs?

In short:1) Back up all of your important stuff.2) type:CONVERT C: /FS:NTFSat a command prompt.

Canon 7D vs. Canon 50D vs. Canon T2i looking to get my first nice camera; thoughts, opinions and experiences?

Forgive my long answer, but your question covers a lot of territory.First off, all three are good cameras. Secondly, do NOT get a 50D right now. The 60D is due to be announced soon, so you could ei... Read More »

Can a Mac read a FAT32 drive?

Macs can read and write data on hard drives formatted with the FAT32 file system, allowing you to share an external drive between a Mac and PC. If you want to boot from a FAT32 hard drive or place ... Read More »