Does the CG2010 1001 exclude completed operations?

Answer The ISO form CG 2010 10/01 does not provide completed operations in Part A. Section II where it states "...but only with respect to liability arising out of your ongoing operations performed..."The... Read More »

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What is completed operations in insurance terms?

General liability insurance protects manufacturers and contractors from injury lawsuits that may arise while they are producing goods for their customers. However, general liability is not always d... Read More »

What is completed operations in general liability insurance?

The completed operations hazard defined in the commercial general liability insurance policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage arising out of work completed by the insured. Th... Read More »

Do dentists need Products-completed operations insurance?

Yes. In addition to Malpractice coverage for the services performed, dentists need to have Products & Completed Operations coverage for the products, medicines and other goods sold to the general p... Read More »

Why is products and completed operations liability relevant?

Depending on your business, this provides coverage for the work performed once it has been completed. For example, a mason who builds a wall, which soon after falls down due to faulty workmanship w... Read More »