Does the Bible state that God intended us all to be vegetarians?

Answer I don't know and I don't care. If it does it's only relevant to a minority of the world's population - Christians.The rest of the world sets no store by what the bible says. Many people regard it a... Read More »

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Does it tick you off that other people aren't vegetarians and you are?

No, I have more important things going on in my life than obsessing about what other people wo or do not put in their mouths.

What does meat have that vegetarians arent getting?

"besides protein and B-12."You do know that lentils have more protein per 100g than meat, right? And if you are a vegetarian you get B12 from eggs and cheese?The only thing I can think you might be... Read More »

What does intended major mean?

An intended major is the subject of study you plan to make as the basis for all your college education. Every class you take will go toward satisfying requirements to obtain a degree in a subject ... Read More »

Does it say in the bible that god will hold us in the palm of his hand?

A traditional Gaelic blessing asks that loved ones remain held in the palm of God's hand, but the Bible doesn't directly say this is true. There are several references in the Bible offering a simil... Read More »