Does the Bible state that God intended us all to be vegetarians?

Answer I don't know and I don't care. If it does it's only relevant to a minority of the world's population - Christians.The rest of the world sets no store by what the bible says. Many people regard it a... Read More »

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Bible Colleges in the State of Washington?

Fulfill your calling as a pastor, missionary, worship leader, church director or Christian teacher by launching your career at a Bible college in Washington. The Pacific Northwest is home to many B... Read More »

How to Use Bible Verses When Teaching State History?

Separation of church and state prohibits the injection of religious ideology into school curriculum. However, religious texts, such as the Bible, can be incorporated into lesson plans if the text i... Read More »

Since cows are vegetarians, can not human vegetarians safely eat beef and still be considered a vegetarian?

Yes, but you have to fry the cow in vegetable oil first.

What does intended major mean?

An intended major is the subject of study you plan to make as the basis for all your college education. Every class you take will go toward satisfying requirements to obtain a degree in a subject ... Read More »