Does the BackMagic stretching device help posture?

Answer On One Hand: Stretching Doesn't Affect PostureThe main components of good posture are core strength and good habits. Core strength helps support the skeleton in an upright position, and habits keep... Read More »

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Does stretching help your body grow taller?

Height is determined by the length and alignment of the bony segments composing the skeleton, not by muscle length. Stretching cannot make you taller, but if the muscles that help maintain your pos... Read More »

How to Supplement Your Stretching Routine With Dynamic Stretching?

Vertical arm swinging can also be done like a whole body stretch by reaching for the ceiling.Stretching with calisthenic movements, which is technically dynamic stretching, is a great supplement to... Read More »

Ear piercing / stretching help!?

You should be able to stretch it now, seen as its not hurting anymore or bleeding, just start really small incase it makes you ear bleed again if it turns out that you ear is infected seen as that ... Read More »

Ear stretching help(again)?

If you have any of the butter type cream they make for stretching your ears try putting some of that on your lobes. If not try some petroleum jelly or something of the sort. If that doesn't help ma... Read More »