Does the Army have a hard boot camp?

Answer On One Hand: Army Boot Camp Is HardArmy boot camp, also known as Army Basic Training, can be difficult, especially for those who are not in shape. Training involves strict drills, weapons mastery, ... Read More »

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Can you have a cell phone in army boot camp?

Yes, some training sites do allow cellphones. They are usually kept by our drill sgt. or someone along those lines and you are allowed to use them on Sundays if you have done good and earned the ch... Read More »

Do you have to shave your goatee before Army boot camp?

Once recruits arrive at basic training, also known as boot camp, an army barber shaves their heads. Throughout basic training, male recruits must shave all facial hair, unless religious obligations... Read More »

How much does a basic recruit make in Army boot camp?

According to the 2010 military pay tables, monthly pay for an Army Private (pay grade E-1) in basic training is $1,338.60 (with less than four months of active duty). It is possible to enlist with ... Read More »

How long is us army boot camp?

Army Boot Camp, also known as Basic Combat Training (BCT), is a nine-week intensive program that mentally, physically and emotionally challenges participants to be an effective soldier in the Unite... Read More »