Does the Aral Sea give water to Israel?

Answer The Aral Sea is located in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan near the Caspian Sea. Those Central Asian nations, which were formerly part of the Soviet Union, are a long way from Israel, which is in the Mid... Read More »

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If Israel unilaterally attacks Iran and Iran responds by declaring war on Israel do USA-Israel accords obligate the USA to declare war on Iran?

Answer 1 The US must do whatever Israel tells it to do. Answer 2 The United States is not obligated by any standing treaty between the United States and Israel to intercede in Israel's defense. To ... Read More »

How many people does the Hoover Dam give water to?

The Hoover Dam provides water for 14 million people through the reservoir (named Lake Mead) that it creates by damming the Colorado River. This water is used not only by residential homes, but also... Read More »

How much electricity does a small water turbine give?

According to the terms of reference used by the Department of Energy, a small water, or hydropower, turbine is capable of producing between 100 kilowatts (kW) and 30 megawatts (MW) of electricity.R... Read More »

Does drinking lemon squash give you a water infection?

Sounds like a myth. Im one of those idots that drink it straight out of the bottle cause its so sour, and nothings ever happened to me :L