Does the Apple Airport Express support external hard drive?

Answer According to Apple and forum discussions, the USB port is designed to work with printers only.You can attach a network drive *via ethernet* to an Airport Express device that is acting as a wireless... Read More »

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Is it possible to use the Apple Time Capsule as an external hard drive?

Yes. It is possible to use the Apple Time Capsule as an external hard drive for storage of documents and applications in addition to those included in your Apple Macintosh backups. When used as a w... Read More »

New external hard drive. How do I make the external my default hard drive?

Unfortunately Windows will always see an external drive as a removable drive and won't let you make it your default. However you can do certain things to make more room like move your internet cac... Read More »

Buying a new comp, Is it possible to have an external Hard Drive for work and Internal hard drive for game?

you don't need to load a separate copy of windows or office into the external hard drive, but yes.To eurostudio:You have probably never tried vista and don't know how LITTLE ram it uses (yes, that ... Read More »

How to Make an Internal Hard Drive Into an External Hard Drive?

We live in a mobile world. Laptop use has exploded, as has the use of external hard drives. Portable storage allows users to work on the same files, whether at home on their desktop, on a company w... Read More »