Does the Acai Berry diet really work?

Answer yes

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Does the acai berry really work or is it a gimmic?

Well it does work, but so does raspberry, blueberry or the humble apple.You don't have to look over the fence for good antioxidants.

Does acai berry work for men?

On One Hand: Acai Berry Is Good For MenAcai berry is rich in antioxidents, which may have many benefits for men's health. Other reported benefits include improved sexual performance. Some doctors h... Read More »

Does Acai Berry work?

The Acai Berry does work. I got it for myself and my girlfriend a month ago and we both feel more energized and are slowly loosing weight after 3 weeks of using it. For some strange reason she is l... Read More »

Does Extreme Acai Berry work?

On One Hand: Nutritional BenefitsThere are numerous clinical studies that support the nutritional benefits of acai berries. The primary health benefit is antioxidants that reduce free radicals in t... Read More »