Does the 80-gigabyte PS3 have a card reader?

Answer Both the 60 and "CECHExx" (older model 80GB with this serial number range) 80GB models have flash card readers that are compatible with Memory Stick, SD/MMC, Compact Flash, and Microdrive media car... Read More »

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How many pictures will a 32 gigabyte memory card hold?

About 8000 pictures depending on the quality of pictures. Higher quality = bigger file, less pictures. Lower quality = smaller file, more pictures.

Am i allowed to download things to hack my wii even though i have a sd memory card, and a sd card reader at?

Yes, it is legal to hack your Wii. Though you'll have to read your library's policy on downloading.You can checkout my LetterBomb video, download links in the video description. Read More »

Is the Aluratek multiformat media-card reader compatible with the SmartMedia card?

The Aluratek USB 2.0 Multi-Media Card Reader, product name AUCR204, along with the Aluratek Combo USB 2.0 Hub / Card Reader, product name AUHR300, can both read SmartMedia cards. The other Aluratek... Read More »

Can I remove a flash card from a media card reader in Vista without stopping?

While you can remove a flash card from a card reader without following Windows Vista's "safely remove hardware" procedure, failure to eject a memory card properly may corrupt the data it contains.R... Read More »