Does text now the app show up on the app bill?

Answer yes

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Do text messages show up on the bill?

Are you kidding? Imagine if you exchanged 1300 texts. How many pages of texts would that be? No, the content of the texts does not show up on the bill. It will most likely just show up on one small... Read More »

Do your text messages show up on your phone bill?

no not my phone bill all it shows is the number of text you got or sent

If I have Google Voice, will the numbers I text show up on my bill?

I use google voice! and, no the #s you text won't show up on your AT&T bill! make sure that when you're setting up google voice though that you don't set a # that links to google voice as you cell ... Read More »

Does the phone bill show times of text messages?

Each cell phone carrier has a different invoice configuration for customers. For example, Sprint displays messaging charges according to the service plan, along with the number of text messages pro... Read More »