Does temperature affect the strength of an electromagnet?

Answer Temperature does affect electromagnets. Electromagnets become stronger as their temperature decreases and become weaker as their temperature rises. All magnetic materials have a maximum temperatur... Read More »

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Does temperature affect the strength of magnets?

Both hot and cold temperatures can affect the strength of a magnet. The higher the heat, the weaker the the strength of the magnet. Heating a magnet past its Curie temperature (which varies based o... Read More »

How to Make a Varying Strength Electromagnet?

Electromagnets take advantage of the circular magnetic field that electrons generate when moving through wire. Coiling the wire doubles up the field and orients it in a single direction. Magnetizab... Read More »

Why Does a Wire Gauge Affect Electromagnetic Strength?

Magnetism is the force that lets magnets attract metal from a distance. Electricity is the flow of tiny charged particles called electrons through a material such as a wire. Ever since the experime... Read More »

How does temperature affect the viscosity of oil?

Selecting the right oil viscosity can help you get the most out of your motor vehicle. Different environments and driving conditions may require different grades of oil.GradesViscosity refers to co... Read More »