Does temperature affect the magnitude of magnets?

Answer Temperature has an effect on the strength of a magnet. Heating a magnet above 170 degrees Fahrenheit weakens it and additional heat levels can destroy the magnet. Cold, on the other hand, increases... Read More »

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Does temperature affect the strength of magnets?

Both hot and cold temperatures can affect the strength of a magnet. The higher the heat, the weaker the the strength of the magnet. Heating a magnet past its Curie temperature (which varies based o... Read More »

How Do Magnets Affect Computers?

Magnets attract certain metals like iron, nickel and cobalt. This attraction can line up the atoms in the metal so they have a north and south pole. Magnets are used in computers for various purpos... Read More »

Do magnets also affect LCD HD televisions like they do CRT TVs?

Yes but not for the same reasons.Ever hear of the "Hall Effect Sensor"? If not, then this page will get you started:… Hall effect devices are basicly tran... Read More »

Does water affect magnets?

Water does not affect magnets. Magnets operate the same in water as they do in air. Water does not contain a magnetic field and does not influence the magnetic field of the magnets.Source:Illinois ... Read More »