Does temperature affect the hanging of wallpaper?

Answer Temperature can affect the hanging of wallpaper. Putting up wallpaper in a room that's hot can cause the adhesive to dry too quickly. It is also important that room temperature stays consistent thr... Read More »

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What does sizing mean when hanging wallpaper?

According to Tim Carter, nationally syndicated columnist on construction, sizing is an old term that described the process of applying diluted wheat paste on plaster walls to prepare the walls for ... Read More »

Why should walls be sized before hanging wallpaper?

Sizing a wall before papering may seem simple. Measure the walls and add the numbers to find the "size" of the area you plan to cover. With wallpaper, however, sizing relates to surface preparation... Read More »

Do you need to size your walls when hanging wallpaper?

Size your walls prior to hanging wallpaper. Measure the length and width of the wall that you will be hanging the wall paper on, and leave a 1-inch overhang on the top and bottom.References:This Ol... Read More »

How long do i have to let the wallpaper dry before hanging the border?

Since wallpaper, adhesive and wall surfaces are all different, there is no set time that it takes wallpaper to dry. Allowing the wallpaper to dry overnight before applying the border to the wall wi... Read More »