Does tea (unsweetened, without milk) really have NO calories?

Answer A few calories at most.

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Does unsweetened chocolate have milk in it?

Unsweetened chocolate is roasted cocoa nibs that have been milled to a paste and rolled into squares. It is free of all fillers, and contains no milk or sugar. It is the bitterest form of chocolate... Read More »

Does unsweetened almond milk count as a dairy?

For a product to be considered dairy, it must come from an animal such as a cow, sheep or goat. Products such as almond or soy milk are not dairy but dairy substitutes.References:Fit Sugar: Almond ... Read More »

How many calories are in a glass of milk?

The amount of calories in milk varies by the percentage of milk fat. A one fluid cup serving of 1% low fat milk has 102 calories including 21 calories from fat, whereas the same size serving of 3.2... Read More »

How many calories in milk of magnesia?