Does tea tree oil help sunburn?

Answer A few drops of tea tree oil combined with vitamin E oil or almond oil can be applied to sunburn to relieve discomfort and minimize blistering and reddening of the skin. In more serious cases, you c... Read More »

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How does tree bark help the tree survive?

Bark protects a tree, much like our skin protects us. It serves as a "barrier" to the elements. :)

Sunburn Help?

Yogurt or Coolwhip: Spread it over sunburn, sit for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.Desitin also works, as does miracle whip.

Bad sunburn help pls?

try damping a cloth with vinegar and let it soak into your burns it should take the redness out :) remember to use plenty of moisturiser and keep yourself well hydrated this should help to, also st... Read More »

HOW can you help a sunburn!?

Cold aloe and cold compresses--you want to get the heat out. Take cool showers.