Does tea tree oil get rid of ringworms?

Answer On One Hand: Tea Tree Oil is an Effective RemedyDr. Andrew Weil, the author of ten books on the subject of healthy living, claims that applying tea tree oil the area with ringworm three times a day... Read More »

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Can Windex get rid of ringworms?

Ringworm, caused by a fungus, cannot be cleared-up with Windex. Rather, it usually requires the application of anti-fungal cream, available by prescription or over-the-counter. There are known home... Read More »

What do i use for ringworms on my child?

Its a fungal disease. Over 12 years of age, any over the counter athletes foot product will work on ringworm. However, if the child is under 12 see a doctor for the proper type of medication and ... Read More »

I have three ringworms! Help!?

Ringworm is not a parasite, or a worm. It's just a fungal infection and is highly contagious. Easily treated with OTC anti-fungals. Buy some jock-itch cream, or the stuff for feet and it will go ... Read More »

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