Does tea tree oil dry your face?

Answer On One Hand: For Oily SkinTea tree oil elevates some bacteria, and it reduces oiliness of the skin. Some people with oily skin have made their skin condition more manageable by using tea tree oil. ... Read More »

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Is tea tree oil good for your face?

On One Hand: Treatment Against Certain Types of BacteriaDoctors note that tea tree oil is used as a natural antiseptic used for cuts, burns, insect bites, fungal infections and acne. Some doctors w... Read More »

If a tree branch falls from your neighbor's tree into your yard, should he have to pick it up?

Legally, in most states if it is in your yard, then it's your problem.

Can you put any fruit on your face that can make your face glow lol No it's not funny.?

ok...well egg white isn't a fruit but it tightens the skin so it doesn't look saggy.bananas do the same. avacado has lots of good moisturizing elements.strawberries with baking soda make ur teeth w... Read More »

What does washing your face with milk do for your skin?

Milk contains lactic acid and what this does is act as a gentle exfoliater, removing dead outer skin cells and helping reveal new soft ones. Milk also soothes the skin and is very gentle. using s... Read More »