Does tea or coffee aggravate eczema?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, Coffee and Tea Can Aggravate EczemaSome people with eczema might be unknowingly allergic to coffee, which can worsen their symptoms. Experts advise those with eczema to try cuttin... Read More »

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Does caffeine aggravate arthritis?

On One Hand: Caffeine Depletes CalciumAccording to "Arthritis Today," excessive caffeine consumption will deplete the body's calcium over time. This will weaken the bones, which could lead to incre... Read More »

Does drinking aggravate back pain?

On One Hand: It Could be a Kidney ProblemThe kidneys are located in the lower back region, on either side of the spine and are the organs which aid in processing the absorption of alcohol. If alcoh... Read More »

Does wine consumption aggravate osteoarthritis?

AnswerSometimes the sulfates in wine and restaurant salads increase inflammation, and, therefore you would have more pain. As with anything, moderation works. Perhaps some wines have less sulfates.... Read More »

Does it aggravate you when people can't use google?

It depends on how stupid their question is :)I usually direct them here