Does tea expire If so when?

Answer Many of us sometimes overload our pantry’s (or tea storage areas) with tea or simply forget about a tea that we have somewhere. Sometimes one of these “forgotten teas” can lay unbrewed for mo... Read More »

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When does a CPR certification expire?

After obtaining your certificate to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), you typically have two years until it expires. Renew your certification annually; you have the option of receiving y... Read More »

When does the I-9 form expire?

The I-9 form seems to only have one expiration date. This date is when an individual's work visa or other eligibility expires. The individual must update his status on the I-9 before his right to w... Read More »

When does yogurt expire?

Yogurt kept in the refrigerator will last seven to ten days after its "sell by" date. If you keep the yogurt in the freezer, however, it can last for one to two months. If any mold appears in your ... Read More »

When does the GI Bill expire?

The GI Bill and its benefits expire ten years after a service member separates from active duty. However, there are exceptions in a few cases. The Post 9/11 GI Bill and its benefits expire fifteen ... Read More »