Does tea expire If so when?

Answer Many of us sometimes overload our pantry’s (or tea storage areas) with tea or simply forget about a tea that we have somewhere. Sometimes one of these “forgotten teas” can lay unbrewed for mo... Read More »

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Does car wax expire?

According to TurtleWax, car wax is not like food and does not have an expiration date. The wax will work better if it is fresh, so you should replace it after one to two years.References:Turtlewax:... Read More »

Why do HP Ink Cartridges Expire and is there anyway around it?

HiIf you are printing only once in a Blue Moon, remover the cartdeige and put it in the plastic case that comes with the new HP cartdirge., or wrap it in saran wrap. When you are reaedy to use it, ... Read More »

Do spices expire?

Commercially bought spices have an expiration date on the container. The shelf life of spices is generally one to two years. Over time, spices lose color, flavor and aroma. To make your spices last... Read More »

What Happens When Patents Expire?

When a patent expires the patent holder loses the exclusive rights to the invention granted by the patent; after a patent expires, parties other than the patent holder may legally produce and profi... Read More »