Does taping "black" after using a MiniDV let you reuse the tape more?

Answer The more you use a tape, the more chances for the tape to be damaged and trying to record that "oscar-winning" beautiful shot on broken tape will ruin your shot, and then NO OSCAR FOR YOU!I try to ... Read More »

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How to Burn a MiniDV Tape to a DVD?

With the invention of the digital camcorder, many families and amateur filmmakers have used MiniDV tapes to capture home movies or independent films on this medium. While the MiniDV tape allows you... Read More »

How do you edit a MiniDV tape?

That camcorder is fitted with a 'Firewire' port (AKA IEEE1394, DVport, i-link ) and you can use that to transfer the video to your PC and edit it.You will find a read of this article very useful ... Read More »

How to Delete Recordings on a MiniDV Tape?

Digital video recordings made in a MiniDV camcorder cannot be deleted as easily as those made with Flash memory, a memory card or hard disk camcorders. As a linear recording medium, tape requires a... Read More »

MiniDV tape not playing back?

Hi Jason: My initial impression is that you probably need a head-cleaner cassette (or professional head cleaning service) for dirty video heads. That's the usual cause of "blue screen" on playback... Read More »