Does tap water make plants grow?

Answer On One Hand: Tap Water Usually WorksPlants need a combination of water and light to grow and remain healthy. North Dakota State University's December 2009 "Houseplants" publication reports that mos... Read More »

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Does sugar water make plants grow fast?

Does water or ginger ale make plants grow more?

Plants require water to grow. According to a 2002 study by students at the University of Colorado, plants given carbonated water grow at a rate twice as fast as those given plain water. Since ginge... Read More »

Does pepsi, water or apple juice make plants grow faster?

Pepsi and other types of soda can help plants grow faster due to the large amount of sugar in the soda. However, the soda may contain other ingredients that can harm the plants. This can vary depen... Read More »

Does salt water or vinegar water help plants grow?

On One Hand: Herbicidal QualitiesBoth salt and vinegar work as herbicides, meaning that they kill plants. Undiluted vinegar can be poured directly on plants to kill them. Salt added to water will s... Read More »