Does talking to plants make them grow faster?

Answer [1] As with the case of plant responses to different types of music being played, there's no definitive answer to whether plants grow faster because they're being talked to. [2] The idea appears to... Read More »

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Do you think talking to your plants will make them grow faster?

yes the do i seen it on mythbusters today

Does talking to your plants actually help them grow?

There doesn't really seem to be any conclusive scientific evidence supporting the notion that talking to plants has any affect on them, positive or negative. But there also isn't any evidence which... Read More »

Why does oil make your plants grow faster?

Does pepsi, water or apple juice make plants grow faster?

Pepsi and other types of soda can help plants grow faster due to the large amount of sugar in the soda. However, the soda may contain other ingredients that can harm the plants. This can vary depen... Read More »