Does taking too much Vyvanse make you tired?

Answer Vyvanse, a stimulant medication prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is more likely to cause insomnia than tiredness. However, according to the manufacturer's package insert, 2 ... Read More »

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Does vyvanse make you tired?

Kayla is wrong, Vyvanse does not need to build up in your system like straterra does, it works the first time u take it, but it does take longer than half an hour to kick in. Takes more like an ho... Read More »

When taking Warfarin, does it make you tired?

Warfarin has been used for more years than I have been around...The only real side iffect you should notice is that you will be less likely to "throw a clot" and suffer the consequences.Warfarin , ... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol while taking Vyvanse?

On One Hand: Established Harmful InteractionsVyvanse is an amphetamine which, according to the Mosby's Drug Reference, can cause heart rate disturbances, hypertension or heart attacks. Alcohol may ... Read More »

Does sleeping too much make you tired?

Absolutly!!! When we sleep chemicals are relased into our brains and too much sleep will definatly make you want to sleep more. Notice, when you stay awake too long you get spurts of energy until y... Read More »