Does taking crestor create hair loss?

Answer On One Hand: Hair Loss PossibleCrestor is a type of statin, a group of prescription drugs used to lower high cholesterol and fight plaque buildup in arteries to prevent disease, according to FirstM... Read More »

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Does the drug crestor cause hair loss?

On One Hand: Hair Loss Is Not A Known Side EffectCrestor, a member of the drug family known as Statins, is prescribed to reduce the LDL cholesterol levels within the body. While Crestor and the oth... Read More »

What side effects have you had from taking Crestor and did they go away after a few days?

One of my son had been on Crestor for 2 months His doctor took a blood test ; and it came back ;; that it was attacking his muscles ;; so she stop... Read More »

I have severe pain in my left leg below my knee inside calve, for 2 months can taking Crestor cause this?

Side Effects CRESTOR® (rosuvastatin calcium) may cause side effects in some people. The most common side effects reported are•Headache•Muscle pain•Abdominal pain•Weakness•NauseaSerious s... Read More »

Does dandruff create hair loss?

Dandruff and hair loss have been interrelated for several years. However, it is the human reaction to dandruff, not dandruff itself, that should be linked to hair loss.Definition of DandruffDandruf... Read More »