Does tae bo help you get fit?

Answer On One Hand: Tae Bo can Reduce Stroke RiskSeveral research studies have shown that people who get regular exercise such as Tae Bo can significantly reduce their risk for stoke, heart attack and can... Read More »

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What does you cant help any one who doesnt help themselves mean?

It means no matter how hard you try if someone you are wanting to help doesn't care, it won't do any good. ex. You try and help your dad stop smoking but, he doesn't want to. You can't help them if... Read More »

HELP does bleach and water help u pass a drug test?

Your kidding right? Drinking bleach could kill you.

Does zicam really work to help stop a cold or help you get over it faster?

yessss. its the only cold medicine i'll use. the dissolvable kind works the best for me, it doesn't taste amazing but it works great. i had a horrible cold awhile ago for about a week and it just g... Read More »

Help my computer does not detect a printer. I try to install it again but its still the same. Please help me.?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling,or inserting disk,going on My computer and look for anything that says setup or drivers.I'm no technician,bit did thus when trying to install Brother printer and i... Read More »