Does t-mobile have tethering?

Answer Many T-Mobile phones with data plans can be tethered to a computer to provide Internet access over a Bluetooth or USB connection. However, T-Mobile does not provide support for any issues that may ... Read More »

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Setting Up T-Mobile Tethering?

Tethering provides a way for your cellphone to share its data connection with a computer or other device. T-mobile offers two tethering options: Wi-Fi and USB. With the former, you can connect up t... Read More »

Instructions on Tethering Windows Mobile Phone on Vista?

Tethering is the ability to transform your Windows Mobile Phone into a modem for your personal computer or PDA. Using Bluetooth technology, users can connect to their phone's 3G or 4G networks via ... Read More »

Will I get charged for Wifi tethering when I have unlimited data 2gb plan for T Mobile?

No but it wont stay at 4g. They will lower the speed for it. The speed will be lowered before you hit your 2gb cap. It will go back up after your done with heavy use of the data.

What is USB tethering ?

USB tethering is just letting you use your phones 3G signal on your laptop or computer while it is plugged in using the USB cable it came with. It does the same exact thing as the protable wifi exc... Read More »