Does swivel sweeper really work?

Answer On One Hand: Lightweight and Easy to UseThe Swivel Sweeper has a head that can turn 360 degrees to reach hard-to-clean areas. It easily picks up dust and pet hairs and glides easily over carpet, ha... Read More »

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Does the leaf sweeper work?

On One Hand: Yard Sweeper's EfficiencyTwo types of leaf or yard sweepers are available: push and tow behinds. According to, both types save homeowners plenty of time when cl... Read More »

What is a swivel chair?

A swivel chair, also called a revolving chair, is a chair with one central leg that permits the chair to spin around. Swivel chairs serve as desk chairs, computer chairs, workmen chairs, bar stools... Read More »

How to Mount a Swivel?

A swivel TV wall mount offers the stylish look of a regular TV wall mount with the added ability to adjust the angle of your TV set. Hanging your TV from a swivel mount is similar to hanging your T... Read More »

How to Tie a Snap Swivel?

Fresh and saltwater anglers alike use a variety of terminal tackle to help in presenting lures and bait to game fish. Terminal tackle includes hooks, weights, floats, swivels and snaps that are att... Read More »