Does sweeping membranes start labor?

Answer I had my membranes swept on 9th october.... 11am, My daughter was born 10.10.10 at 13.58 after contractions starting ar 5.15am..... So i would say yes it does work!!!!!

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Does sex help start labor?

naaaaaaaaaw If the baby is overdue, it is indeed the best way to kickstart the birth. Other methods are chemical induced labor.

When does labor start?

Labor starts when contractions efface and dialate the cervix. It can also begin if/when the amniotic sac breaks

Does labor start at 3 cm dilation?

No. I have been dilated to 3 cm for over a week now. I was at 4 cm when I was induced with my first. My doctor said that one lady came in dilated to 10 cm (that's completely dilated) and was not in... Read More »

You are 38 weeks and im dilated 3cm and you got your membranes stripped but you didnt go in to labor and then 2 days later your mucus plug came out how long do you think i have to go before going in?