Does swallowing sperm while pregnant prevent pregnantal diseases?

Answer People come in all sizes, so it is not "bad" to be your size. However, it does shows that you definitely eat more calories then you burn and you are not keeping average weight for your height So, i... Read More »

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Is it safe to swallow sperm while your pregnant if that sperm is herpes positive?

It's probably not safe to swallow H+ sperm whether you're pregnant or not. I am not a clinical doctor, but this is a question you should ask him or her for a definitive answer to.(And trust me, you... Read More »

Can stop breathing and swallowing during sleep do harm while pregnant?

Can sperm soften the cervix while pregnant?

No. Sex during pregnancy is fine right up until the last few weeks.

Can you pregnant from someones sperm while sitting in a Jacuzzi or pool?

AnswerNo, you couldn't have gotten pregnant with someone else's sperm in the pool. Actually, It is possible. Not in a pool, but in a Jacuzzi. The heat of the water would help the sperm swim faste... Read More »