Does supplemental oxygen increase blood glucose levels?

Answer Yes, supplemental oxygen does effect blood glucose positively. It helps control blood sugar levels in those with impaired glucose levels. Supplemental oxygen also is beneficial to pregnant women an... Read More »

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Can pain increase blood glucose levels in diabetics?

Pain can increase blood glucose levels in diabetics. When the body experiences pain or inflammation, blood glucose levels rise in an effort to better protect itself. When the body experiences pain,... Read More »

What are dangerous blood glucose levels?

Blood glucose (sugar levels) can be dangerous if they are too low or too high. Readings below 70 mg/dl or readings above 240 mg/dl are dangerous. If not treated, low levels can result in a coma. Hi... Read More »

What do high blood glucose levels indicate?

High blood glucose is a condition known as hyperglycemia. This term is typically used in reference to diabetes, a disease in which hyperglycemia can often occur. However, everyone experiences high ... Read More »

Average Blood Glucose Levels?

Blood glucose levels of 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L) or lower, before a person eats, are considered to be normal. The average level after eating a meal should be less than 180 mg/dL.Source: Read More »