Does sun make you happy?

Answer On One Hand: Seasonal Affective DisorderSeasonal affective disorder (SAD) occurs when a person's mood changes (usually for the worse) during a seasonal change, usually during winter months. A perso... Read More »

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Why Does the Tanning Bed Make You Happy?

Despite the correlation between ultraviolet (UV) light exposure and increased skin cancer risk, tanning bed use to deepen skin color continues. Recent research suggests the practice affects more th... Read More »

Wasnt it nice to see the RTV SECTION a Happy Happy House again today...?

I think Tony means 'Upstaged ' LOL - I've been busy today so I was too late to answer the questions - but reading through them reminded me of days of yore ! Pleasant AND happy !

How to Make an Old Cat Happy?

We all find cats can get annoyingly picky in their old age. Here's how to make that old guy happy.

Happy BIRTHDAY and happy bedrest, Nina!?

Awww, Thank you all so much! You guys are the best!!! And... Happy [cough-cough Saturday] Birthday to you too, Rosie. PQ: Yes with all 3- 31wks, 30wks, and 31wks. And now if I can just keep my... Read More »