Does sugar really make you hyper?

Answer And there's another myth about sugar. We hear this one from parents all the time. Sugar drives the kids crazy. Even some of the kids believe it. "I go really nuts when I have candy," one girl said.... Read More »

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How to Make a Hyper Cat Sit?

descriptionIf you want your super hyper cat to sit still, here are some ideas.

What things can make you hyper?

Espresso, Coffee, black tea, sugary foods and refined grains (white breads, saltine crackers that kind of stuff) In that order.

What diseases make you hyper?

I don't believe any disease makes a person hyper, if anything a person is more sluggish because they're fighting an infection. However there are a few social disorders that make people hyper such a... Read More »

What foods make you hyper?

Sugary foods, soda's, cookies, pies, donuts, junk food. The best thing is to read the labels, if there is sugar in any form it can make you hyper.