Does sugar contribute to hyperactivity?

Answer Processed sugars can contribute to hyperactivity. When refined sugars enter the bloodstream, they can cause rapid changes in blood glucose levels and thus trigger adrenaline levels, making a person... Read More »

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Does candy cause hyperactivity in children?

Sugar alone does not cause hyperactivity in children. Chocolate, however, naturally contains caffeine, which can contribute to an increase in energy. Some children may be sensitive to red dyes and ... Read More »

Does hyperactivity manifest itself in a baby of less than 1 year?

Some schools of thought on evidence of ADHD or hyperactivity in an infant is "colic", or the inability to console the baby even though there is no apparent reason for crying or being fussy.

How much does 5 cups of powdered sugar equal in granulated sugar?

According to Epicurious, one and three-quarters cups of packed powdered sugar (also called confectioners' sugar) equals one cup of granulated sugar. Five cups of powdered sugar is about equal to 2.... Read More »

Does brown sugar or white sugar have more calories?

Brown sugar has more calories than either granulated white sugar or powdered sugar, according to the CalorieKing website calorie counter, but just by a hair. While 0.1 oz (1 tsp. brownulated or 1 u... Read More »