Does substitute meat taste good?

Answer Quorn is and example and tastes really good, some just tastes like the meat. Be careful when it comes to supermarkets own brands, they can taste truly disgusting.

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How to Use Mushrooms As a Meat Substitute?

Whether you are trying to eat less meat or simply more vegetables, it is easy to substitute mushrooms for meat in many dishes. With their firm texture and savory taste mushrooms can be an ideal, he... Read More »

Why do vegetarians have to use a meat substitute...?

Your being very dogmatic in your view of vegetarianism. I am a natural vegetarian, meaning that I dont like meat. I'm told that I refused to eat it even as a baby. I have tried it as an adult and f... Read More »

Wat can substitute proteins in meat?

Fish IS meat. So you needn't worry about being deficient in "the essential protein that are enriched in meat." Whatever that means.And you are not a carnivore- all humans are omnivores. An all-m... Read More »

Best chicken tender meat substitute?

You became a vegetarian, who do not eat meat by definition. But you still want to eat meat?Why are you vegetarian and trying to find a "meat subsitute" which is frequently more processed than eatin... Read More »