Does stretching/exercise/workout make you taller?

Answer yoghurt, cheese, and boiled chicken. Your bones need phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium while your muscles need water, protein and carbohydrates to grow. Since you are growing taller, both your mus... Read More »

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Is there a possible way to grow taller at 16 if you are already taller than your parents?

Eat well and sleep a lot. You need to do things naturally; otherwise, you could damage your health. You are still a child and you need to consult with a qualified physician if you have any concerns.

How much taller will HGH make me?

Maybe a few inches. I hope that doctor keeps a close eye you, since HGH can have some side effects like acromegaly, which would make you a bit ugly in the face

Can i make myself taller?

On One Hand: Mature Bones and Genetics Prevent Further GrowthGrowing taller for mature adults isn't usually possible. Although there are a number of techniques that promise to enhance height throug... Read More »

The Best Ways to Make Yourself Taller?

Did you always wish you could be a little bit taller? Aside from extreme medical procedures, there's no surefire way to add those inches. If mother nature didn't bless you with those few extra inch... Read More »